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The Problem with Perfect by Megan Mayfair

Today I am pleased to bring you my review for this addictive read from Megan Mayfair. Thank you to Rachel's Random Resources for inviting me to take part in the tour and for my copy of the book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

Book Description
Marigold Doyle’s life was perfect, with a successful career and wonderful marriage. But when her husband, Julian, passes away, her life is thrown into turmoil as she discovers a trail of secrets Julian was hiding in the months prior to his death. Struggling with her grief, she knows she needs to find out Julian’s actions to help her move on. 

Finn Schröder, a former police officer and now private security consultant, is focused on an uncomplicated, unattached life and growing his business. He agrees to help Marigold find out the truth about Julian, but as they become closer, he realises his feelings for her may be developing beyond simply professional. 

As Marigold and Finn work through the web of Julian’s deception, will they learn to face the reality that things aren’t always exactly as they seem?

My Review
Marigold thinks she has the perfect life with the job of her dreams and a successful marriage. She is devastated when her husband, Julian suddenly dies. She still needs to put on a front that she has the prefect life. She is determined to get back to work and make her life as normal and perfect as possible. Things soon begin to go wrong though as her father, who runs the company she works for decides she needs a break and make sure she goes on leave. While she is on leave her father, Peter asks  Finn, who works as part of their security to keep an eye on her. 
It is while sorting out Julian's things that she starts to find out many of his secrets and so she employs Finn to help unravel the web of lies that Julian has woven. 
Will the secrets make Marigold feel different about her marriage and the perfect life she thought she had built, or will her life go back to normal.
I loved reading the book its so very well written and keeps you hooked in as you find out more about the secrets Julian has told. The character of Marigold was great to get to know. The more you get to know her you being to realise how vulnerable she is and how much she relies on putting on there front of having everything perfect. The character of Finn was great. He has had a lot go on in his past and that has shaped how he wants his future to be and I loved reading about him and Marigold and the chances of them getting to know each other better. 
This was the first book I have read by Megan Mayfair but I can assure you that it will not be the last. 

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About the Author

Megan’s stories are about families, intrigue and love. Every book contains a bit of humour and a lot of heart.

Megan lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children, and has a background in public relations and higher education.

She drinks far too much coffee and has an addiction to buying scarves. She interviews with other authors for her blog series, Espresso Tales, and loves a bit of #bookstagram.
Her debut novel, The Things We Leave Unsaid, was released by Crooked Cat Books in 2018, followed by Tangled Vines. The Problem with Perfect is her third novel.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you enjoyed my review. 

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