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How Not to Date a Prince by Zoe May

Today I am pleased to be able to share with you my review for this fantastic, and fun rom-com from Zoe May. Thank you to Rachel's Random Resources for inviting me to take part and for my copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Book Description
Surely fairy tales don’t happen in real life?
After being jilted at the altar, high-flying journalist Sam doesn’t believe in love any more – and she certainly doesn’t believe in fairy tales! So, when she’s asked to cover the Royal Wedding, it’s the last thing she wants to do.
And when she crashes into a ridiculously handsome stranger, Anders, things go from bad to worse. But as the big day draws closer, Sam finds herself being swept up in the excitement – as well as swept off her feet by Anders!
But there’s something that Anders is hiding from her – and when he finally reveals his secret, might Sam just have the happy-ever-after she never thought she wanted…?

My Review
Sam is a political journalist, she has worked hard to get where she is and really enjoys her job. That is until her boss takes her off politics to cover what will be the wedding of the  year. The wedding between Norwegian Prince Isaac and the nations sweetheart, Holly. 
Sam is horrified by her bosses decision as she feels she is the least suitable person for the job. She is very anti weddings and doesn't believe in love after being jilted at the alter by her husband to be Ajay. He boss is determined that Sam is the perfect fit for this job and even tells her that this could be her chance to find love. Sam is very sceptical but she does reluctantly agree to do the job. 
Sam is shocked with how quickly her life becomes full of wedding fever and as reluctant as she is it isn't long before she gets swept up in it all too. 
Sam is soon spending all of her working time wading through wedding samples, visiting the dress designer ad eating the most delicious cake. 
While Sam is getting involved with all things wedding she keeps seeing the very handsome reporter Anders, he seems to pop up everywhere and is able to get the scoop earlier than her. It isn't long before Sam starts to enjoy bumping in Anders and Sam is beginning  to think that being in a relationship could be good for her. But is Anders everything he seems or is Sam going to get hurt again.
I loved this book from start to finish. Its perfect escapism, with some brilliant laugh out loud moments and I devoured it in one day. I loved the storyline of a royal wedding. I really enjoyed all of the different places and events that Sam went to, especially the meeting she had with the cake designer and trying all of the cakes and treats really made my mouth water!
The character of Sam was very well written and you got a great insight into why Sam is so anti wedding and doesn't want another relationship she is trying to protect herself. It's fun to see her change her view point and watch her become more confident. I liked the relationship she has with her friend Colette and I think she helps Sam by giving her the push when she needs it. 
I loved this book from Zoe May and she is fast becoming on of my top authors. 

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About the Author

Zoe May lives in Oxford and writes romantic comedies. Zoe has dreamt of being a novelist since she was a teenager. She spent her twenties living in London, where she worked in journalism and copywriting before writing her debut novel, Perfect Match. Having experienced the London dating scene first hand, Zoe could not resist writing a novel about dating, since it seems to supply endless amounts of weird and wonderful material!

Perfect Match was one of Apple's top-selling books of 2018. It was also shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists' Association's Joan Hessayon Award, with judges describing it as 'a laugh out loud look at love and self-discovery - fresh and very funny'.

As well as writing, Zoe enjoys walking her dog, painting and, of course, reading.

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