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Dating Down by Diane Louise

Dating Down by Diane Louise
suddenly single and unexpectedly poor, it's definitely safe to say that Alexis Harland is not living the life of her dreams. 
Although she's determined that nothing, not one thing, will stop her return from poverty. Well, almost nothing. Her pride might get in the way a little. and possibly her family. And maybe theft that she hasn't got a clue where to start. 
Many years ago, Alexis was swept away from life on a caravan park and introduced to a world of riches and glamour. All thanks to a wealthy man who married her, reinvented her... and then dumped her for a younger model at the first sign cellulite.
Now Alexis is stranded, struggling to keep her head above water and her history a secret from her highbrow friends.
As if that isn't enough for a women to deal with, one night she comes home to find a sexy man has landed, quite literally, on her doorstep. A man hell-bent on testing everything Alexis thinks she knows about true happiness. 
Caught between the life she knows and her blossoming love, can Alexis afford to let go of her unwavering pride, kiss her social status goodbye and accept that stepping back to square one is sometimes a huge leap forward?

My Review
This fantastic novel from Diane Louise is brilliant and really had me laughing out loud! The idea of dating someone from a lower class horrifies Alexis. She especially doesn't want her posh and snotty friends to find out that she has no money left after her husbands betrayal. What she fears the most is being ostracised by her so called friends and the lifestyle that they all share.  As the story unfolds you get a great insight as to why Alexis is so keen to hold onto the life she has at all costs. Its great to see her life start to change around the more she sees of Bob and she starts to realise that maybe there is more to life than money. There is great chemistry between Alexis and Bob and its written in a way that is not rushed and leaves you with a great will they won't they all the way through. I really enjoyed reading this and I am looking forward to reading future books by Diane Louise. 

Author Bio
Diane Louise is a dairy farmer's wife from the UK who doesn't know a Holstein from a Hereford.
But what she does know is how to write a funny story. Three years ago she tried to write a steamy romance and sucked at it. Honestly, her stiff upper lip made her heroes more wet blankets than wet dreams. With a steely determination to avoid milking the cows, she turned her hand to Romantic Comedy and a star was born. Well in her mind at least.
Fancy getting to know the women behind the words?

She hangs around Facebook daily, desperate to avoid housework, and loves nothing more than chatting to fellow lovers of Romantic Comedy over at Di's Romantic Comedy Club. Or, if you don't do Facebook, thats cool, because she also sends a monthly email to her readers, making sure they never miss a new release and sharing behind the scene info about her books.

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