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Dreaming of Verona by T.A. Williams

Today I am sharing with you my review of this wonderful release from T.A. Williams. Thank you to Rachel's Random Resources for giving me the opportunity to read this book and for my copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

Book Description 
Verona is the City of Love. But will Suzie find romance there or, like Romeo and Juliet, will it all end in tears?
When Suzie is hired to accompany spoiled, abrasive Lady Alexandra Tedburn on an all-expenses paid holiday to Italy, she fears the trip will be a disaster.
But she soon discovers there’s more to Alex than shopping and tantrums, and she’s determined to help her realise her potential – against Alex’s authoritarian father’s wishes.
As they settle in Verona, Suzie can’t stop thinking about local artist Michael, who is still mourning the tragic death of his wife. With Suzie’s future uncertain, and Michael’s past

holding him back, it seems there’s no hope for romance in the city of
star-crossed lovers… or is there?

A gorgeously uplifting and moving story, Dreaming of Verona is the perfect read for fans of Holly Martin, Tilly Tennant and Jenny Oliver.

My Review
This is the first book I have read from T.A. Williams and after reading the amazing reviews of his other books I could not wait to get started reading this. 
Suzie has found herself between jobs and is looking for something new so when she is offered the chance to head to Italy looking after the daughter of Lord Tedbury she accepts and is excited for what lays ahead of her. Suzie is shocked however when she finds out that the daughter is 26 years of age and not the child she was expecting. 
Heading to Verona in Italy is a dream come true for Suzie. It is love at first sight and Suzie is really making the most of the city. At first she struggles with Alex, The daughter of Lord Tedbury as she finds her spoilt and doesn't like how she is treated by her. Once the two begin to know more and more about each other Suzie warms to Alex and finds out why she behaves the way she does. 
Both Suzie and Alex are enjoying being in Verona they enjoy seeing the sights and even have a go at windsurfing. The two of them are also making friends there is even time for some romance for the pair of them too. 
Will the two of them get the men of their dreams or will the pressure from Lord Tedbury be too much for Alex and leave her broken hearted. 
I absolutely adored reading this book and I could not put it down. I enjoyed the light writing style and I felt it flowed well. The descriptions of the Verona sound delightful and have made this city one I would definitely love to visit. 
The characters in the book are all very relatable and I enjoyed getting to know them all. 
With the setting in the beautiful city of Verona, the sunshine and the delicious sounding Italian food this book is sure to brighten up the greyest of winter days. 
I am already looking forward to reading more from T.A. Williams. 

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About the Author

I’m a man. And a pretty old man as well. I did languages at university a long time ago and then lived and worked in France and Switzerland before going to Italy for seven years as a teacher of English. My Italian wife and I then came back to the UK with our little daughter (now long-since grown up) where I ran a big English language school for many years. We now live in a sleepy little village in Devonshire. I’ve been writing almost all my life but it was only seven years ago that I finally managed to find a publisher who liked my work enough to offer me my first contract.
The fact that I am now writing romantic comedy is something I still find hard to explain. My early books were thrillers and historical novels. Maybe it’s because there are so many horrible things happening in the world today that I feel I need to do my best to provide something to cheer my readers up. My books provide escapism to some gorgeous locations and, as a writer, I obviously have to go there in person and check them out first. I love my job…

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